The Eight Tribes: Paths Destined to Cross


The strapping and gregarious Naga dwell on the pristine islands surrounded by the majestic waters of the Aegean Sea. Their habitation is located at the western part of Rameswaram, considered the sacred ground of the south. The Nagas are fishermen by profession. They hop from island to island in search of new discoveries. Wielding their mighty broadswords, they are universally hailed as the strongest among all the tribes. One swing from their sword and a small boat is sliced into two. Their humungous physique makes them easy prey on land as they are horrendously slow. To compensate for this, they resort to wearing heavy armor as added protection. Relying heavily on their superhuman strength, they shun the use of any form of Mantra whatsoever. One fell swoop from a Naga’s sword is always a losing proposition.


Transporting and selling the daily necessities are the main tasks of the Kimnaras. They hawk their trade in the most extreme of natural environments and are usually aided by female warriors. This hardy race can be found living in the desert portion of the far end of the west continent. The Kimnaras are female warriors who are highly-attuned to the ancient discipline of Chakra, the art of enhancing physical prowess. They are held in the same league as the Naga tribe in terms of bodily strength. Extremely powerful and clad in solid armor, they are a force to reckon with in combat. However, their brutish physique slows them down and they are defenseless from magic attacks. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned so be doubly kind to the Kimnaras.

Profession: Banar/Satya


The Asura tribe made their way down to the northeast of the Mandara plateau where they eventually settled down. They earn their living by hunting wild animals in the steep and rugged mountains. Some of the Asuras ply their wares as bounty hunters, stalking criminals with booties on their heads. Quickness and a mighty striking force are the main weapons of the Asuras but they are a notch lower in physical strength. They can annihilate an enemy with a single blow from their sword. One blow, one kill. Be wary of incurring an Asura’s wrath.


The Rakshasa tribe inhabits the northern area of the peninsula near the Mandara highlands. In stark contrast with Mandara, the climate in their area is quite humid as it is a sultry rainforest region. Vanity is an essential trait of the Rakshasas. They shun the use of heavy armory as it restricts their mobility and agility. However, they are considered as the quickest and fastest of all the tribes. This disdain for bodily protection makes them vulnerable to deathblows or fatal strikes from their foes. Having weak defenses also prevents enhanced muscular strength. Crafty and silent killers, the Rakshasas are mistresses of malevolence.

Profession: Druka/Karya


The Yaksa tribe are adept hunters who resides in the northern region of the Mandara highlands. Free-spirited and carefree, they occasionally enjoy a good fight but are gentle and noble creatures. They can often be seen roaming around the Great Plains just merrily wandering around. Battle-hardened and ferocious, their bodies are extremely resistant to endure most common attacks. They have acquired a superior mastery in handling simple and short-range weapons. The only chink in their armor lies in their weak strength. Meek, mild and merciless in combat. The Yaksa is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.


The Gandharvas can be found in the alpine region north of the Mandara highlands. Lithe and swift, they have developed a heightened endurance and their quickness enables them to evade most attacks. Gandharvas are quite small but they are solidly built and skillful in short-range battles. Their Achilles heel lies in their weak striking power and their weapons of choice are short-range implements attached to their hands or wrists. Get down and dirty with the mad martial arts mayhem of the Gandharvas.

Profession: Nakayuda/Vidya


The Deva tribe calls the east end of the continent as their abode, a picturesque region with a cool climate. This chilly environment is conducive for learning the Mantra Arts (magic) and for preserving the language of the gods. A great majority of Deva tribesfolk are highly-skilled in deciphering the ancient verses of the gods. They uphold this archaic tradition by recording them in special slates. They also inscribe these writings on their bodies which the Deva’s proudly display as exquisite body art. Their extraordinary magical powers and high resistance from Mantra attacks are their strengths but they are susceptible to physical attacks. Sorcerer, skilled practitioner of the Mantra arts. Be enchanted by the Devas.


The Garudas call the delta area located south of the Deva’s region as their settlement. Having a subtropical climate makes the place ideal for crop growing and other agricultural enterprises. Garudas excel in the use of the Mantra arts with both men and women having separately unique skills. The men utilize Mantra to augment their tools and weapons while the women employ it during battles. Garudas are physically weak, thus it is essential for them to use Mantra to help them recover from attacks. Garudas are akin to the Devas when it comes to countering other Mantra attacks and are also able to improve its power and effects to their advantage. They also produce Mantra-enhanced tools for other tribes. Weaving their Mantra spells, the Garudas are deadly practitioners of magical mischief.

Profession: Abikara/Samabat