Shortcut Keys

Menu Keys

L: Status

I: Inventory

U: Quest

K: Skill

Esc: Close

C: Command

G: Guild Screen

J: Address Book

H: Help

B: Word Bubble Change

N: Hide Name

Tab: Toggle UI Display

M: Map Views

Prt Sc: Screenshot

/trade: Trade

Quickbar Keys

(-): Last Quickbar

(+): Next Quickbar

Shift+1: Select Quickbar 1

Shift+2: Select Quickbar 2

Shift+3: Select Quickbar 3

Shift+4: Select Quickbar 4

Shift+5: Select Quickbar 5

1: Slot 1 Use

2: Slot 2 Use

3: Slot 3 Use

4: Slot 4 Use

5: Slot 5 Use

6: Slot 6 Use

7: Slot 7 Use

8: Slot 8 Use

9: Slot 9 Use

0: Slot 10 Use

Movement and Cameraview Keys

W: Forward

A, Arrow key: Left

D, Arrow key: Right

Z: Run

X: Sit

F12: Set Camera View

Insert, Mouse Wheel: Basic Camera View

F11: 1 inching to 3 inching change

(+): Zoom in

(-): Zoom out

E: Lock on to Nearest Target

R: Attack Target

T: Lock on to Nearest Colleague

F: Pick up Item

Alt: Highlight Item

Chat/Messaging shortkeys

/all, /s: Message to All

/whisper, /w: Whisper Message

/party: Message to Party

/walk /ashram: Message to Ashram

/stand /addfriend 'name' : Register as Friend

V: Whisper Answer

Enter: Use ChattingScreen

/ashrampost 'message': Announcement for Ashram