Professional Life

All the travelers who just arrived in Mandara village are apprenticeship apprentices. By growing up after fighting with Mara and becoming a part of one, the village 's defensive captain Abbas will give him a position of warrior class by tribe. This is ascension.

When you step up to the primary position, each time the level rises, additional bonus will be added to the status of the character. Tribes will also be tolerant to state abnormalities such as sleep and blindness.

Primary elevation is possible when the level of the character reaches 10. When the level reaches 10 or more, let's go to the defensive general Abbas.

If you select "Position" from the conversation items, Abbas will admit growth and ask whether or not to advance. If you select "Yes, I will do", the grade is complete.

Changing your trade allows you to adquire new skills by choosing between two specialties. This trade change starts between rookie missions and is allowed to complete level 45.

First Job

Go see General Apvas talk to him, then go to priest Vananta who will give you a list of monsters to kill:
3 vasabhum, 3 vasabhum caura, 3 melcchas, 3 vasabhum kulapra, 3 melcchas caura, 3 vrca, 3 vrca dara. Go back to see the Vananta priest who will ask you to go see General Apvas with the item "recommendation letter" after speaking we will have the first job finished.

Second Job

You must go to Jina and talk to the monk Elder Zangzu. There you select the option called "second job change" and choose the job of your choice. Then you accept it and will entrust three of the following four tests depending on your race.

1. Test of Patience

Here you must go with Weapon Salesman Ouyez in Jina and talk to him. It will tell you that you have to go back to where he is with:

- 1 Moon Cow's Horn handed out randomly by the Ban Gosu on the plain.
- 1 Bowstring has been handed over by the Sobariung Gosu on the plain.
- 1 Strapped Leather thrown randomly by killing Byokbos in Jina.
- 1 Glue Cell thrown randomly when hunting Magriang at the northern exit of Jina.

When you deliver the items, he will tell you to visit Saranu in Anu Village. She will ask you to come back with 10 Hard Fabric that the Ugra Ulkamukha Satvan that are in Shambala give you. When you give them to you, they will give you a spool of needle and thread called "Though Thread" and ask you to hand it to Ouyez.

Upon receiving the item, you will receive an item called Blood Cloth and that will end this mission.

2. Test of Wisdom

Here you must go with Keeper Zongkui in Jina and talk to him. It will tell you that you have to travel to Anu Village and talk to Moriya. She will ask you 20 questions related to the plot of the game. Then, in order, their respective answers:

10 people
Nagamudra Hima
Exile Area
Ananga Dvanta
44 percent
Shambala Castle
8 King War
15 kinds
6 tipes possible
8 king castle

When he answers you he gives you an object called Succes paper "and asks you to go back with Zongkui in Jina. There, the NPC will give you an object called Paper Piece and here this quest will end.

3. Test of Justice

Here you must go with Salesman Wanddaopo in Jina and talk to him. It will tell you that you must go to the Mandara Coliseum and, in a party with another character, kill the giant Libertine that is there. In doing so, you must return to Jina with Wanddaopo. He will give you an item called friend named cloth. There you will finish this test.

4. Test of Destruction

Here you must go with Iddungddashu in Jina and talk to him. It will give you an item called Test Proof that you must take to Amar.

Which is in the city of Shambala. He will receive you and ask you to go to Kruma and look for 2 Scouts other than your god and kill them. In doing so, these scouts will give you a brahma, shiva or serial vishnu that you must take back to Iddungddashu. When you bring the items to Iddungddashu, he hands you a Broken Sword and there ends this test.

At the end of the 3 tests you must go with Zangzu who blesses you and grants your new job !!! Congratulations!!.